1. How will my ViaCash Triton ATM be secured on-site?
    Free-standing automated teller machines are lag-bolted to the floor.
  2. Why choose ViaCash?
    We do far more than simply install the ATM. In addition to our team of certified technicians, free same-day service, and price guarantee; we also offer a full service graphics department. ViaCash ATMs are easily recognizable due to their professionally designed graphics featuring client\'s logos, custom signs, digital advertising screens, and more. The professional look increases both consumer confidence and transactions.
  3. How many transactions will I need to do per month?
    There are several factors to consider here, but depending on the model of your ViaCash Triton ATM and/or your lease schedule, you can expect to break even on your lease payment and monthly utilities costs (power and phone line) with as little as 200 transactions per month.
  4. Are there any additional operating costs with my ViaCash Triton ATM?
    No. Beyond your initial purchase price (or monthly lease payments), your only ongoing costs will be for a dedicated voice-quality telephone line and electrical outlet. ViaCash will supply your receipt rolls, transaction processing, website reporting, and 24-hour toll-free technical support for as long as you process your transactions through us. We offer an Extended Warranty program (after the first year) for qualified merchants on a time and material basis.
  5. Can the cash machine really EAT MY CARD?
    No. Unlike most full-service financial institution ABMs where motorized card readers take the card inside the cash machine, our ViaCash Triton ATMs all feature dip-style card readers. The card never leaves the customer\'s possession.
  6. How does the ATM connect to my bank?
    Your secure, encrypted card information goes from the ATM to our switch, where we relay the information to Interac (or Cirrus, depending on your financial institution) to send to your bank for confirmation. Your bank then sends the transaction approval back through Interac to the automated teller machine, and your requested funds are dispensed.
  7. What if my customers have a problem with my instant teller machine?
    Any discrepancies in the amount of money requested versus funds dispensed will be rectified by ViaCash on your behalf. If your customer does encounter such a situation, instruct them to contact ViaCash at the toll-free number printed on the transaction receipt.
  8. What happens if I have a problem with my ATM after business hours?
    No problem. Our customer service and technical support representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week toll-free at 1-866-VIA-ATMS
  9. When does the money withdrawn from my ATM go back into my account?
    Our processor receives your settlement request at 21:00 EST with their daily sweep. Your financial institution will receive your settlement the following day, and most banks will deposit these funds within 24-48 hours. Weekend settlements are processed the following Monday morning.
  10. How will I manage cash replenishment?
    Our average location maintains between $3,000 and $8,000 depending on the number of transactions. Cash withdrawn from your ATM is automatically deposited into your bank account on the following business day along with the surcharge revenue generated. For those merchants who do not wish to self-load their ATM, ViaCash will arrange for a cash loading solution.